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Black Podcast Archive

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Chicago, IL. 20 June 2018. The Society of American Archivists Foundation (SAAF) has awarded more than $31,000 in funding for eight 2018-2019 grant projects from its Strategic Growth Fund. The SAAF provides grant funding for projects that meet the mission and goals of the SAA Foundation and the strategic planning priorities of the Society of American Archivists.

The Nomadic Archivists Project is proud to be among SAAF awardees. This grant covers one aspect of this podcast archival project, which is to identify, archive and ensure the preservation of podcasts specifically speaking to social justice, culture and politics from around the world as it relates to the black experience.

The crux of identifying podcasts, especially those relatively obscure, is to reach out to

community partners who may be aware of such episodes that are currently inaccessible. The main focus of this project is to ensure that the valuable and sensitive content we collect will be preserved for scholarly study for years to come. Partnering with an institution that will accept and maintain the project is central to the success of the project.

Although the Black Podcast Archive will encompass all aspects of the black experience, this particular grant will support us to focus on the importance of capturing socially-conscious thought and knowledge production around social justice issues that reflect the tenor of the times pre-2019.


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