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An Oral History of the Counter Narrative Project

Charles Stephens founded the Counter Narrative Project in April 2014 after several years working in local and national organizations. CNP’s mission is to “build power among black gay men and stand in solidarity with other movements committed to social justice.” Stephens’s vision for CNP is large and engaging offering black gay men a political platform and political home. Part of that clear-headed, unblinking advocacy is effectively connecting Black gay men to their past through the works of Black gay activists and artists of the past. What follows is a look at the roots of CNP from its collaborators and staff, including: Alvin Agarrat, Jeff Graham, Johnnie Ray Kornegay, III, Ayesha McAdams-Mahmoud, Suraj Madoori, and, of course, Stephens himself. I (Steven) had the pleasure of working with Charles Stephens on this necessary project to interview the subjects and assemble the oral histories last year. Follow this link to read the edited history online.

People gathered at a Counter Narrative Project, Atlanta, Georgia.



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