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Documenting and Preserving the Global Black Experience

Photo by Andre Rize, 2018 


In the Telling is a podcast that features stories about the Black family experience. We serve as a platform for exploring family records, blood and chosen families, personal testimonials, connecting family stories to communities and larger historical events, conducting research in archival institutions, and discussing family lore. We explore these and other subjects in our unique podcast. Check out In the Telling seasons 1 - 3!

The NAP Scholarship is an annual fund awarded to students and independent archivists of African descent who wish to attend the Society of American Archivists (SAA) conference or use the funds to support an archival project. The application period has ended for 2024. 

Smiling Girl

NAP Press is a platform to publish writing by and about memory workers: archivists, librarians, oral historians, genealogists, bibliographers, filmmakers, and podcasters of African descent by building on the rich tradition of storytelling to preserve global Black stories.

Forthcoming: The Evidence: Black Archivists Holding Memory, an anthology exploring the archival experience across the global Black world, spring 2024. 

Workshop - From Archival Pasts Towards Archival Futures: Epistemologies, Decolonization and (Dis-)Placement

Institute of African Studies (IAS), University of Ghana, November 9–12, 2022

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